I have two writing projects that are past due. One is for my Monday night writers’ group – tomorrow night is my turn – and I haven’t given the other participants whatever it is they’ll be reviewing. The other is for a new writing gig that will be making its debut soon. I’ll tell you more about that later. I thought I’d go to the coffee place this morning since I can always get stuff written there. Especially when sitting on the green couch in the corner. As I stood in line waiting for my coffee, a very loud couple came in. Granted, I did go to an engagement party last night AFTER hanging with Granddad and having scotch, but I’m not especially hungover today. So I don’t think I was just being sensitive. They had the vocalization of community theatre actors, really throwing their voices around unnecessarily. She is a professional clown, I shit you not, and he is a professional D&D player. I do shit you on his occupation – he’s actually an IT guy, which is just about the same thing. So they are yelling and laughing right in my ear. Ugh.

I opt not to sit on the magic green couch this morning because I want a good view of the constant rain. Sitting in the chair in the corner, I also have a great view of the entire room. Good people watching. I saw a hot guy and a hot chick who didn’t know each other eventually start talking, then were sitting next to each other and were quite cozy by the time I left. Just like a gum commercial. There was a very awkward mother/daughter duo – the mom was trying really hard to be cool and connect to her daughter, but the younger woman was only there to humor her. Poor old mom never had a chance. The loud couple sat across the room from where I was, but I could still hear their conversation. The more I tried to block it out, the clearer it became.

We all have random “powers” that can be useful or not. For instance, I always get front row parking, I always order the right thing at restaurants and I am a magnet for the crazy, the irritating and the odd. If I’m having lunch and a man who’s just been released from prison AND is suffering from a full-body rash walks in, he will not only sit next to me, he’ll ask to borrow the salt. If a group of born-again Rennies are having a reunion, they will do so next door. So I should have known clown girl and computer boy would bring their loud conversation closer. As soon as their third arrived, they all moved over to my corner and sat on the GREEN COUCH. Ahhhh, that’s what I get for changing things up. So I was unable to get shit written and am now at work, writing in my blog. As my dad pointed out recently, my blogging output really goes up when I have other things I need to be working on. But it’s quiet here and now that I’ve written this perhaps I can settle down and get to work.

Try not to get wet today (if you live in Houston – those of you in other areas, try not to get snowed upon, etc.).

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