Golden Gate Park

Now that I’ve upgraded to the faster version of Blogger, I thought I’d put up some pictures from my recent trips to California and NYC. This is in no way an attempt at procrastination instead of writing. Oh wait, yeah it is.

These pictures were taken in Golden Gate Park. The park is huge and would require a couple of days if you were doing the whole thing. We hit the Japanese Tea Garden, which is featured in the bottom three pictures of this post. It was really cool and the best example of what I’d do with my backyard if I had a lot of money (this would be separate from the dog farm, obviously, because the dogs would want to eat and shit on all the cool plants) (the little bastards). I think the two trees/bushes in front of the pagoda look like something from Dr. Seuss. The top picture was taken in the Botanical Gardens. In addition to plant life from around the world, the garden featured a “prehistoric” collection of plants. Very cool.

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