Last night was opening night of the Alley’s 60th season. Everyone to’ it up at the cast party. We’d been told by the man that we could come in late today, but the exact time was never specified. So, the chicks in my department made a gentlewoman’s agreement to come in at 10:30 this morning. Okay, we’ve made agreements like this in the past, and I would roll in at 10:35 and everyone else would have been here since 9:15. I’d get pissed and they’d say, “I just couldn’t sleep in” or “I wanted to get a bagel for breakfast and just decided to go ahead and come to work” or “I’m an asskisser who’s trying to play both sides by saying I’m coming in late to be cool with you but then really coming in early and bringing breakfast to the boss before you drag your hungover self in and spend the first twenty minutes of your day writing in your blog while I’m in the boss’ office getting that promotion to head buttlick.” Or something like that.

So color me pleasantly surprised when I rolled in at 10:35 (I’m nothing, if not a traditionalist), and three coworkers got here AFTER I did. Granted, two of our crew were at their desks when I arrived, but this is still better than me being the only one who showed up late. Progress.

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