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You know how sometimes someone wants to tell you something but they want you to ask them rather than just coming out and saying it? And you don’t care enough to ask the question? So they continue to drop hints, mistakenly thinking you don’t realize they want you to ask when in fact you do realize it and don’t appreciate being manipulated so you purposely ignore the question hanging in the air and la-ti-da your way through life forcing the other person to deal with their own bullshit? Passive-aggressive behavior sucks. I’d rather deal with aggressive behavior. At least it’s out in the open.

I’ve been listening to Yes a lot lately. That shit is complicated and busy. Just like my life right now. When I’m just busy, I like the Who. When I’m ill or depressed, Nick Drake. When I’m happy, Beatles. When I’m non-committal, Beck. When I’m horny or mad (or both), Nine Inch Nails. When I’m writing a boring blog entry, the sounds of people typing and cell phones ringing their tinny, sad little dance tunes.

I received this spam email today. For some reason, it struck me as funny.

Thank you for requesting the solution to the “Premenstrual Syndrome” puzzle.
Here are the answers:
1. Progesterone
2. Thyroid
3. Ovulation
5. Low Fat
6. Affective
9. Ibuprofen
10. Food
13. Caffeine
15. Physical
16. Bloating
17. Fluoxetine
18. Chaste Tree
19. Dandelion
1. Preovulatory
2. Two weeks
4. Interfere
7. Exercise
8. Luteal
11. Dong qual
12. Behavioral
14. Magnesium

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