randomness in the morning

On the drive to work this morning, I thought of a good roller derby name: Barbie Wallbanger. I wonder if anyone’s using it already? If not and you happen to be shopping for a RD name, have at it. First come, first served.

That power outage downtown yesterday affected the Alley. We have a generator, so we were able to get in the building and up the elevators. But the air wasn’t working. So the chicks I work with, who I’ve described before as shaky chihuahuas since they’re always so cold (I’ve said this to their faces, with affection, so this isn’t some bitchy chick thing) (plus, Stella is half chihuahua, so I obviously have good feelings about that flavor of dog) (not that these chicks are dogs – they’re all actually quite attractive) were able to turn off their space heaters and take off their blankets. I, on the other hand, had a good sweat going. Took two hours for the power to be restored and the air to come on. We ended up having to get off the computers because the server room (or command central or the brain or whatever it’s called) was way overheated. So we were sitting at our desks with the lights off and no computers or air conditioning, and we couldn’t get any work done. How sad is that? We could have written some shit down I guess, but it would have needed to be typed up later, so what was the point. So we sat around in the dark and talked about boys.

I tried going to Spanish Village for dinner Saturday night, and they’d closed an hour and a half early. We drove up and the sign was not on. Clue number one. There were no cars parked in the lot. Clue number two. There was a guy inside sweeping. Clue number final. That’s really one of the ultimate images of something being over – a guy sweeping. That might be a good way to signify that a relationship is over – you send your soon-to-be-ex a card with a picture of a guy sweeping the floor. Better yet – a picture of YOU sweeping the floor. The only thing written inside is “sorry.”

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