Yet another old, white man who carried the flag of “protecting our children” stands accused of propositioning high school boys working as congressional pages. Not only is he a hypocrite; he’s a dumbass. (Former) Rep. Foley must have believed that the internet carries information to your intended target and the words, once delivered, magically disappear into the pedophilic ether. Either that, or he believed his position as US Rep kept him beyond reproach. The latter is more likely. This “you can’t touch me” attitude explains the behavior of a lot of our elected officials. Tom Delay, I’m looking your direction.

As is typical lately when someone gets in hot water (if you can call having to resign your House seat because you tell teenage boys you want them to take their clothes off merely “hot” water), the jackass has checked himself into rehab. As if alcohol made him a pedophile with less sense than my dog. And let me tell you, as a person who has occasionally had periods of getting her drink on regularly, hitting the bottle doesn’t make you start chatting up children. It might make you gain weight, lose your job, piss off your spouse and alienate your friends. But it doesn’t make you think propositioning teenagers is a-okay. It’s not a ready excuse for huge lapses in judgment/sense/having a soul. Georgie Bush, I’m looking your direction.

So, in an effort to save some Repub face, Speaker Dennis Hastert has called for an investigation into why the proper authorities weren’t told of Foley’s behavior sooner. In other words, let’s play a game of blame the victims. Hey Hastert – why don’t you instead focus on the pedophile who felt free and clear to nuzzle teenage boys. That’s the problem, you fat fuck. Foley was the one who was inappropriate. Foley was the one breaking the law. Foley was the one using his position of power to try to get some young tail, all while sitting as the head of a caucus on CHILDREN’S ISSUES. I’m disgusted.

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