1984, gummy pizza

Friday and Saturday nights this week the Cullen Theatre at Wortham Center (not to be confused with the Cullen Theatre on the UH campus) is playing host to The Actors’ Gang production of 1984, directed by Tim Robbins. Since I just read the book and have been obsessed with the story for the past few weeks, I have to go see the stage play. Even though it’s in a venue that’s too big for theatre, in my opinion. Tickets are about fifty bucks, and I was hesitant to buy any due to my having just dropped a load of money on my car. Lo and behold, guess what came my way today – free tickets. So, I’ll report after seeing it Friday night. Hope I leave there even more scared and depressed about the world than I already am. Just ’cause.

A coworker gave me a little package of candy today that I find enthralling. Yes, I’m an intellectual. It is a gummy pizza. I realize gummy candy comes in a variety of forms from animal shapes to cellphones to unmentionables given out at bachelorette parties. This gummy candy is different. Rather than being a collection of different colored gummy items lumped together to make something that looks like a cartoon pizza, this little package has the supplies for you to make your own. It comes with a flat, yellow gummy disc, the pizza dough. Then there’s a little packet of red goo, the pizza sauce, and a packet of yellow sprinkles, the mozzarella. Sadly, there are no candy pepperoni. I don’t want to eat it, but I do want to make it.

PS – I just did a little google-ing of the gummy pizza – seems there’s a variety of this candy that DOES come with toppings – there’s also a make-your-own gummy burger — gummy technology has really come a long way from the gummy worms of my youth…ahhhh, progress

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