I should get out of town more often

San Francisco (vacation)
* breathtaking views everywhere you look – the vistas, the architecture, the people, the fashion
* lots of people like peeing in the street there – saw one guy who seemingly had mastered peeing while sitting on a curb – I say “mastered,” but he may have been peeing into his shoes – I tried not to look too closely
* no fat people – in the three days we were there, we only saw five fat people, and of those fat people only one fit the morbidly obese category (this does not include the tourist trap of Fisherman’s Wharf, which we had to brave to get to the ferry to Alcatraz – most of the people at FW were fat and freezing in their cargo shorts)
* SF is not a great place to have a car unless you dig driving around and around to find a parallel parking space on a 45 degree incline between a painted VW Beetle and a brand new Jag, both reeking of pot and self-satisfaction
* City Lights was the coolest

Big Sur (Mason’s wedding)
* holy shit, this is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been
* everyone should drive on Highway 1 before they die – in fact, the road is so insanely curvy, you might die while driving on Highway 1, which I guess kills two birds with one stone
* the people who live in Big Sur (at least, the few I came in contact with) were, to a person, laid back and happy – I’m sure part of it is the natural, awe-inspiring beauty that surrounds them, but there are other elements – cell phones don’t work out there, there were no land lines in the room where we stayed (and no TV, for that matter), didn’t see anyone on the internet or typing into a PDA for the three days I was there, a lot of Big Sur doesn’t even have electricity (the caterer for Mason’s outdoor wedding had to use a generator to put on the spread for the reception) – the prevailing attitude out there made me wonder what I would be like if I lived there – would I slow down and mellow out a bit? and would I want to? it’s certainly much healthier to be easy breezy…but how weird – to go through an entire day without feeling my pulse race?

New York (work)
* though I saw many people peeing on the street in SF, New York actually smelled like pee
* I sat by myself in a pew in St. Patrick’s cathedral for thirty minutes and almost found religion before I left – maybe I should have stayed a bit longer
* my final day in NY was my eighth day straight of walking for at least three hours a day, some days more than that, in $10 flip flops, and my feet were only beginning to bother me – better than walking shoes
* the hotel where I stayed was across the street from Radio City Music Hall – the MTV video awards were happening, so there were hundreds of people standing around on the sidewalks hoping for a star sighting – ugh, who gives a shit
* after riding around on the subway, alone, I now understand why so many writers and filmmakers have used a subway car to represent the journey into death (or purgatory)

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