chunky dog, beads

When Stella was spayed a year ago, she weighed 7 pounds. Saturday at her annual vet visit, all of a sudden she’s 10 pounds. Granted, getting spayed doesn’t do much for the metabolism, and little dogs can pile on the extra pounds pretty easily, but still. Three pounds in one year is a lot. If she keeps going this direction, she’ll be like the rat dog the old guy down the street owns – it looks like a roll of toilet paper with a head and four legs. The vet asked if she was an active animal. I told her she’s pretty lazy when I’m at work (I’m guessing – I don’t have a hidden camera or anything) (and really, the camera wouldn’t have to be hidden since I don’t think Stella would be walking around on her hind legs looking through my drawers, then see the camera and all of a sudden start acting like a dog again), but at night she runs around like a rabid animal. When she goes outside, she does loop-dee-loops. Gets really close to the ground to cut down on wind resistance and then hauls ass. I stopped off at home during lunch yesterday. I don’t know why it took until that moment for me to realize that the dog has a sleeping surface in every room but the bathroom. Eh.

There’s a bead shop in the Heights called Bead Atelier ( Totally cool place. I popped in there last night for the first time and ended up making two necklaces. The guy who owns the shop (Jim) used to work for the much more intimidating (too many beads) The Bead Shop in the Village. This is a smaller operation, but there are still plenty of options. He has a little black pug that greets you at the door. The floor has a painted sea motif. The place has been feng shui-ed. Go check it out. It’s on Heights Boulevard very near the Art Car Museum. Basically, it’s on the other side of the Conoco station. I enjoyed myself so much, I want to go back with a bottle of wine and a few friends and make a night of it.

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