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I love reading stuff on Craigslist. From Missed Connections to people trying to give away refrigerators to assholes seeking the gullible, there’s a little something for everyone. This morning, while perusing the writing/editing section, I ran across a notice from a new, small publishing house in Houston. Thought I’d check out their website. In the ad, it says the site is “under construction,” which I assumed meant it might be lacking in content or design. I clicked on the Submissions page, and the very first paragraph said the following:

Edit you own work at least one befor submitting. Although editing is a part of the publishing process, you work represents you. Do you really want your image to be negative

I copied that right off the web page. The irony of such shitty writing was too much, so I sent the following email to the publisher.

I’m happy to hear there’s a new publishing house in Houston. Just wanted to let you know that you have multiple typos on your submissions page. Kinda lessens the impact of the statement about how important it is for the writer to edit his/her work prior to submission!

Best of luck,

Didn’t really expect a response, so I was surprised when mere minutes later this landed in my inbox.

Hi Crystal,

We are aware, as we stated in our post the website is still under constuction. We are trying to decide if we want to keep the way it currenlty looks before we do a lot of work on the actual contents.

Thanks for the encouragement. We like to know that we have a community of people supporting our efforts to make Houston and the rest of the South just as viable as New York and Los Angeles.

Thanks again!

Here’s the deal. I understand that the website is under construction. Or constuction, if I am to follow the spelling of the person writing the email. I’m guessing he’s the one who wrote the content for the website. Whether your site is a work-in-progress or not, there’s no excuse for so many errors. ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A PUBLISHING HOUSE. Who would trust their work to an organization that doesn’t care enough about its own presentation to give it even a quick second read? Your basic dumbass, iPod-attached, low-rise jeans-wearing, zit-popping junior in high school could have proofread that paragraph and caught at least a couple of the errors.

I’m not interested in embarrassing anyone, so I’m not sharing the name of the company. I just hope they get it together if they expect to make the South “just as viable as New York and Los Angeles.”

UPDATE: I just checked their listing on Craigslist. The following has been added.

We know that there are errors on our website, so please do not contact us regarding this information. Under Contruction means that it is not the final website.


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