props to Auto Zone / always wear underwear

My CEL (check engine light) came on last night, so today at lunch I stopped at Auto Zone on Montrose near Fairview to get the code read. They do it for FREE there. Other places charge over $50, which is total bullshit because it takes about 60 seconds to read the code, AND you can buy your own code reader for under a hundred bucks. So, kudos to Auto Zone for doing a service for the people and not charging money for it. As a small token of my affection, I bought an air filter while I was there. Least I could do.

Unrelated, the zipper on my jeans (which are almost brand new, by the way) came down today, and I don’t know how long it was like that. I had just gotten back from talking to my interim boss (the two jobs above mine are vacant, so our department is reporting to the number two guy at the theatre), who was sitting at his desk. I was standing. His eyes didn’t roam below my waist (which is a good thing, just in general), so I’m hoping either the zipper was not down at the time, or if it was down, he didn’t notice. About fifteen minutes after talking to him, I was back at my desk and for whatever reason glanced downward and saw my undies. These pants are not at all tight, so I’m assuming they didn’t pucker when I was standing and no one saw my business. Hopefully.

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