everyone is someone’s crazy asshole

A couple of days ago I was talking to a friend about someone in my life who was being a crazy asshole. She mentioned having her own crazy asshole. I guess pretty much everyone has at least one crazy asshole in her life. But additionally, I think everyone is someone else’s crazy asshole. For instance, I might be bothered by a crazy asshole in my personal life, and, unknown to me, I’m a coworker’s crazy asshole. You know? Ahhh, balance.

The guys across the street who own the old, bitchy cat had a little dinner party Saturday night. We were into about the fifth or sixth bottle of wine when one of the hosts mentioned that he’d purchased six lotto tickets, one for each of us, for that night’s drawing. The plan was, if one of the tickets was a winner, we’d split it six ways. Good thing the drawing was mere minutes after he brought the tickets out because I immediately started looking around for a heavy object I could pick up and hit the other five people over the head with if we had a winner. Even though I think winning the lottery is kind of white trash, I’d take the money if I won. I have lots of projects I’d like to get off the ground.

There’s a new wine and panini bar in the Heights called the Boom Boom Room. It’s on Yale at Aurora, which is about a block from 25th Street. I popped in there this weekend and was impressed with the wine selection, the panini and the space (it used to be a ghetto bar but now has fuchsia walls, couches, interesting light fixtures and amazing doors). Not the cheapest place in the Heights, but the food is quality and the atmosphere is great. Also, it seemed to be populated with old school Heights residents rather than the yuppie vacuum that fills up the Social every weekend. Here’s hoping it stays that way. Of course, now that the Target is open, there’s no telling what kind of paradigm shift might happen in the hood.

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