food in Houston

There’s a new chick in my department. She just moved to Houston from Austin, and she doesn’t know very many people here. I asked her if she needed some restaurant suggestions, thinking the amazing variety and sheer volume of eateries in Houston might be a bit overwhelming for the uninitiated. She was definitely open to suggestion, so we just spent about fifteen minutes talking food. Here are some of the places I suggested. Please add your own suggestions in Comments, if you’re so inclined.

Pizza – Candelari’s

Burger – too many to choose just one – she lives in Bellaire, so I told her to check out Bellaire Broiler Burger. Additionally are: New Orleans Poboy, Christian’s Tailgate (the one on I-10 at Washington, not the frat-heavy one in midtown), Triple A, Lankford Grocery, Miller’s, Lucky Burger…

Greek – Niko Niko’s

BBQ – Thelma’s (old school), Goode Company (regular school)

Mexican – El Tiempo (upscale), Teotihuacan (not upscale)

Coffee Shop Food – Empire Cafe

Vietnamese – Van Loc

Old School – Barbecue Inn

Cajun – Ragin Cajun

Vegetarian Options – Baba Yega

Fried Chicken – Frenchys

Pub Grub – Red Lion

Time Warp – Avalon Diner

Italian – Spaghetti Western

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