do you know the way to Connecticut?

I should have known the first theatre to be interested in doing one of my plays would be on the East Coast. A theatre in Connecticut is going to present a staged reading of Please Remove This Stuffed Animal From My Head in September. They do their shows in an old barn. Evidently the people up north are into recycling their buildings and haven’t heard of the Houston way of doing things. You know, tearing down everything that no longer serves its initial purpose and then building a shitty, ugly, concrete strip center in its place. That strip center will, of course, be torn down in a decade or so to make way for townhouses or a dry cleaners or a TGI Jackass’s (try our buffalo ass chicken ranch dippers with chipotle gravy and celery spears). What happens when the TGI Jackass’s goes out of business? Mini storage.

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