After surviving that long trial, Ken Lay was downed by a heart attack yesterday. I’m sure that plenty of his ex-employees had been wishing for just this sort of thing for years, but I think once the trial was over they put away their voodoo dolls and were comforted by the fact that he would go to prison for the rest of his natural life. Who knew he would never see the inside of a prison and would instead die in his vacation home in Aspen. And, by the way, how in the hell did he still have a vacation home in Aspen? Or anywhere, for that matter. I’m sure some of Lay’s supporters will blame the heart attack on the stress of the trial, but I would remind them that there wouldn’t have been a trial if he hadn’t screwed so many out of so much. Karma’s a bitch.

I’m trying to buy Astros tickets online for tomorrow night’s game. After entering the number of tickets I’d like to purchase, I have to enter the word that’s in the box (to foil those pesky automated systems). Should I at all be insulted that, instead of the typical nonsense series of letters, I had to type the word failing? Okay, I just searched again (the tickets sucked). This time the word is stilted. I’m going to go for a third time. Be right back. It was dynasty this time. That’s better. Tickets, however, are not. Still searching.

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