Because of my paranoid fear that at some point in the near future I will try to log into my account on myspace and will find that the site has been shut down or turned into a Christian dating service, I decided to print my entire blog this weekend. For historical purposes. Since this writing exercise has been an almost daily thing for over a year, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised at the sheer volume of writing. I’ll be damned if it isn’t almost manuscript-sized. I’m guessing 250 pages or so. Not that anyone would pay to read it, but still. It’s really big. So if size at all recommended quality, I’d be in great shape.

I recently realized that a coworker is stark raving looney tunes fucking cukoo crazy. Now that I know this, I have a hard time looking said person directly in the face for fear that a second head will pop out of this person’s shirt and start spewing the kind of vitriol that only Ann Coulter would say. Or that only Ann Coulter would plagiarize, excuse me.

Larry the Cable Guy came up in my blog a week or two ago, and I was bitching about how much I didn’t like the fact that he was pretending to be this po’ white trash comic when you know the jerk is making money hand over fist. This statement assumed the man was (at one point) for real po’ white trash. Well, I should have listened to the inner voice (there are lots) that kept telling me his accent just seemed too … put on. He’s a complete and total fraud. Not only is he not po’ white trash now, he never was. He’s from Nebraska and moved to Florida in his late teens. Not sure where the backwater sister-fucking accent came from. Maybe Berlitz has an “Appalachian Vacation” submersion class? Here’s a great clip of Larry back when he was Dan Whitney. And here’s a letter from David Cross to Dan/Larry that’s worth a read.

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