Remember back when people explored uncharted territory with nothing but the stars and sun to guide them? (yes, I realize the sun is a star) (quit being such a smarty pants) And somehow they managed to find their destination? Well, except Columbus. How accomplished those people must have felt, to have such a small amount of information (or maybe it seemed quite adequate at the time) and STILL be able to arrive, years later perhaps, on the other side of the continent. Or maybe on a different continent. Granted, sometimes they killed all the natives when they got there, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make.

When did we lose that desire to find our own way? It was bad enough when cars were equipped with GPS systems, but now CELL PHONES have it? Not only does it make the person using the service a lazy fuck whose brain is at this very moment atrophying into a little walnut-sized nugget. Not only does it require someone to have their head so far up their own ass that they can’t find their way from one Starbucks to another without electronic guidance. Not only does this give the gubment yet ANOTHER way to keep track of your every move. It is the relinquishment of a little bit more control over your own life. If we continue to become so dependent upon electronic devices to tell us where to go, when to get up, when to leave, how to make a martini, remind us it’s our mother’s birthday and tell us how to get from one location to another on a daily basis, what happens when the cell phones and PDAs and GPS systems and On-Star and whatever future devices are created to further stupidize people, what happens when they go on the blink? If you’ve given up the ability to navigate your own life, what will you do when your electronic navigation system is unavailable? And it is inevitable that it will be unavailable, unlike your brain, which is always in your head, barring unforeseen circumstances. The lazier we get, the dumber we get. The dumber we get, the easier we are to control. The easier we are to control, the more power we relinquish. The more power we relinquish, the more fucked up the world becomes. The more fucked up the world becomes, the more fucked human beings are.

Was that too melodramatic? Or maybe not dramatic enough?

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