return of the meat

Robert and I went to Whole Foods for lunch today. I highly recommend grabbing one of their pre-made salads or wraps when you’re in the mood for something healthy and fast. And over-priced. When we were done with lunch, we decided to grab a quick coffee. Robert has a caffeine addiction and I will be at work until 9PM for the sixth night in a row, so we both needed the boost. The woman ahead of us in the checkout line was returning food. I don’t think I’ve ever returned something to a grocery store, and I certainly couldn’t imagine returning what she was. MEAT. The fuck? I asked the checker if I’d heard correctly and that the woman was indeed returning buffalo meat and chicken. She said she was, as she washed her hands with no-rinse anti-bacterial soap. I asked if that was a common item for a person to return, and she said it was. She said that people will overcook their meat, not eat the meal and then bring in the well-done, not eaten meat at a later date, demanding a refund. I asked if the meat the woman ahead of us was returning was cooked. She said it was not. Instead, the woman had not cooked the meat prior to its expiration date, so she was getting a refund.

Hold up. Isn’t it the responsibility of the person who buys the meat to cook it? No wonder my spinach salad was so freaking expensive today – they have to make up for dumbasses who let food expire in their refrigerators and then think the store where they bought the meat should give them their money back. Damn that chaps my ass.

And I’m really in a good mood today. I’m just kind of crotchety.

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