There’s some funny shit going on at work today, though you wouldn’t know it from just walking around. There are no clusters of people hunkered in the corner whispering. No furtive glances to see who’s coming. This is all happening electronically. There’s a pretty hilarious email conversation going on among half a dozen people, and other than a chuckle or two from a lone desk jockey here and there, no one’s the wiser. Kind of the equivalent of passing notes in class. And probably just about as intellectual.

I’m going to my parents’ tonight after work, and I’m dreading the traffic. Seems like Friday rush hour in Houston starts at about 2:30PM and continues until 7PM. Bright and early tomorrow morning, Mom and I are driving to a town that’s beyond San Antonio for a wedding shower for my brother. It’s a brunch, but since we’re leaving at 6AM, I think brunch will be my second meal of the day, effectively becoming lunch. Lunch with eggs, maybe. And mimosas. I hope my snoring on the trip home doesn’t bother my mother’s driving.

Disgusted with the previously mentioned door dings on the sides of my car, yesterday I started parking on one of the more deserted floors of the parking garage. I found a wide-open space for the car and spent the day assured it was all by its lonesome. Lo and behold, when I left work there were cars parked on either side of my car. The rest of the level was empty. Just three cars. My car in the middle. The fuck?

The Astrodome is home to an indoor carnival right now, and I think I want to go. Just imagine being able to eat a funnel cake, ride a twisty ride and throw up, all in the comfort of air conditioning. It’ll be like living in a futuristic world where the air outside is unfit to breathe so you have to stay under the Dome. Plus, I hope to be able to win a Def Leppard mirror.

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