bodyguard at Ninfa’s

Dennis, Robert and I popped over to Ninfa’s on Navigation after work and before a play the three of us were supposed to see, only two of us went and one of us (me) went home because I had to complete an NEA grant today and if there’s one thing that makes you want to stick your head under running water to rinse your brain off, it’s doing a fucking NEA grant. That being said, I hope they give us the money.

Just as we were finishing dinner, a big Town Car pulled up in front of the restaurant. Assorted older white people and a guy who maybe had a little brown in him got out, and the driver who opened everyone’s door and definitely had a little brown in him was talking to someone on a walkie-talkie. We thought maybe a Bush was about to come in, slumming. You know, they supposedly like Otto’s, though I think Otto’s has the shittiest of Houston’s hyped burgers. The meat is about a third of the thickness of a place like Lankford Grocery or New Orleans Poboy for the same amount of money. Actually, lots of hype and no meat is EXACTLY what I would expect someone from the Bush family to enjoy. Anyway.

So the assorted white/touch o’ brown people sat at the table next to us. One of the men was in town from elsewhere, and the locals were showing him some “good Mexican food.” Ninfa’s wouldn’t be my first choice for an out of town guest, but I certainly enjoyed my dinner of vegetable enchiladas.

We never did figure out who these people were. Just some jackasses who have a driver they assume only speaks Spanish, though he was actually born in Corpus Christi and moved to Houston in ’82. He went to high school with one of their daughters, who never noticed him. Not that he tried to be noticed by her because he hated the stuck up white girls and instead liked the quiet, shy ones. So few of the white girls were ever quiet or shy and certainly were never both. Except for the really ugly ones, but it was like they didn’t exist, so that doesn’t count. The driver laughs to himself when he hears the mother bitch about how wide his former classmate’s ass is and how they wish she hadn’t married “that Doug” and had instead stayed with John the lawyer because he never beat her, just raised his voice a few times, and his parents had that fabulous house in Tahoe and he looked like he’d never lose his hair. Unlike that Doug, who is currently sporting a Friar Tuck on his way to a Telly Savales.

Just guessing.

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