Our PR department is always hooked into the news, so when they heard the Enron verdict would be announced outside the courthouse at 11 this morning, off we went. It’s just a quick couple of blocks from the Theatre, so we got there early. Being far from shy, we ended up standing in the midst of the news crews, who were right behind the barrier outside the courthouse door. Primo location. Big crowd, lots of media and of course a couple of hecklers. One was standing right next to me, natch, and when Jeff Skilling and his lawyer were leaving, the heckler ended his little routine (which mostly consisted of variations on the “where’s your smile, Jeff?” theme) with the inevitable “Don’t bend over to pick up the soap.” We found out Lay wouldn’t be coming out until later this afternoon, so we came back to work.

I think the overall sentiment of the crowd was that these guys are smug, lying, greedy bastards who deserve to spend the rest of their lives in a little cell with no bidet and no hot towels and no gourmet chef and no ass kissing. Well, there might be some ass kissing, I guess. Let Jeff and Ken live in financial ruin like so many of their employees. I hope this marks a climate change in the minds of people who work for these big corporations. For so many years, the middle-managers and above have turned a blind eye to the doings of their “superiors” in hopes that their silence would eventually buy them the golden ticket and give them their chance to run over the little guy on their way to meet with the real estate agent about that house in Aspen. Maybe now that, finally, a couple of rich white guys might actually do some time in the big house (I’m not talking the one on River Oaks Boulevard) and lose all their money, maybe now people will grow a little bit more of a conscience. See that there are ramifications for your actions, no matter who you are. W, are you listening?

PS- I took lots of pix and video – I’ll upload some tonight

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