I think my refrigerator is slowly becoming a portal to hell. It has started making this high-pitched whirring noise that sneaks into your ear. You don’t hear it immediately. You slowly become aware of the noise, and it draws you closer to the freezer door as you try to determine its point of origin. When you open the door, the noise is no more discernable than it was when the door was shut. That’s why I think it is still in the becoming stage. And it’s probably not a portal to hell exactly because I don’t really get a bad vibe from it. Maybe it’s a portal to purgatory. Or a B movie. Or a department store in the Midwest. Or the kitchen of a Taco Bell in El Paso. Or the bedroom of a young Al Gore.
If you could have a portal, where would it go? I’d like to journey to the center of the mind. Come along if you care.

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