recycle, reuse, reduce

I had to go to the Galleria yesterday to buy an outfit for an upcoming event. I always feel like such a hilbilly when I go there because I walk around slack-jawed. On the inside. On the outside, I’m just another snotty jackass. Since I don’t read fashion magazines or watch E!, I guess I’m a little out of touch with what’s “hot.” For instance, who knew 80s fashion was EVERYWHERE. Every store I went into had a massive amount of 80s-inspired clothing. That shit was horrid the first time around. Guess we don’t learn anything from our past. Oh, wait, that’s the American way.

I’m getting kinda tired of the retread. We recycle fashions faster and faster. Last season’s hippie dippie long skirts and flower power dolman sleeves are giving way to this season’s 80s slouchy shirts and bangle bracelets. I guess we’re just going to keep going through the 60s, 70s and 80s over and over again. Since we’re not really creating anything new, we have no choice.

This mindset extends to other things. There’s a movie coming out called Poseidon that’s a remake of the 70s movie Poseidon Adventure. Every shitty TV show from my youth has been or is being remade into an even shittier movie. We’re even turning VIDEO GAMES into movies. The fuck?

Is the overstimulation of the internet and cellphones and PDAs and text messages killing our imaginations? Is our rapidly changing world scary on some interior level so we seek the comfort of the familiar? Would we really rather watch a movie version of WKRP in Cincinnati than something new that might stretch our minds or at least surprise us?

Maybe the world (well, the American world of the past half century or so – I realize that’s a pretty small slice) has always been this way. Maybe it’s just that as I get older I get more of an historical perspective. That expanded historical perspective allows me to see the patterns repeating faster and faster. But I don’t think it’s just that. I think that we may not recycle our plastic but we do keep recycling our ideas.


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