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Wow, having a logo really makes you feel legit. I hired a graphics person to design a logo for my “production company,” and she did a great job. I guess now that I have two different projects going, I should take the quotes off “production company” and just deal with it. There aren’t a lot of cottage industry playwrights around for me to look to for guidance, so I feel like I’m floating out the in the ether a bit. The good thing is, my many musician friends, my time in the comedy troupe and being the child of an independent contractor supply me with inspiration and instruction for making it happen. The experience of creating a company (with one employee) with an identity all its own has been very interesting. It is obviously driven by my personal aesthetic, but it is still a separate deal. It’s mentally healthy. Even I need a break from me sometimes. I can only imagine what it’s like for other people.

I’m having to keep track of business expenses now, and I love the fact that my first two purchases were a blow-up doll and a Magic 8 Ball. Fabulous. A nice combination of the trashy and the mystical. Take your pick which is which.

Speaking of trashy, at lunch today we were ranking the various hosts on Food Network based upon both their personalities and their food. Yes, my life is that fascinating. Paula Deen was at the top of the list for her down-home grub, obvious love of cooking and usage of a stick of butter in literally every dish she makes. Plus she has that one hot son and one dork son. Most of the group liked Rachel Ray for her quick-cook recipes, but I dissented because I can’t stand her constant shortening of words and phrases into cutesy nicknames (sandwich is always sammie, extra virgin olive oil is EVOO, etc.). I just want to kick her in the throat. Giada De Laurentiis (Dino’s granddaughter, evidently) is another chef that earned high marks from the group but I don’t like her because her head is too big for her body. Or, her shoulders are too small. Not that I object to her looks on some kind of bullshit superficial level (oh wait, yes I do); I object because I spend the entire show wondering why her head is so big/shoulders are so small and I don’t pay attention to the cooking. Also, her mouth is very wide. We all liked Ina Garten (the Barefoot Contessa). I dig her reality – she lives out in East Hampton in a lovely home surrounded by landscaped gardens with no dog shit while her husband (Jeffrey) works in the city all week. So, while Jeffrey’s out during the week, she makes these ridiculous meals for her gay or girl friends, who are always bringing her flowers and talking literature or whatever, and then when her husband comes home on the weekend they are delighted to see each other because they’ve been apart for five days. I realize it’s TV, but they really seem to like each other. I think it’s the time apart. How romantic of me.

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