the deal – pencils

I had a lovely happy hour(s) with Alicia tonight, and we covered a lot of ground, as we talking chicks seem to do. The main thing I’m taking from this evening is how cool pencils are. For the longest time, I considered using a pencil to be a very pedestrian exercise, and I thought it was way beneath my over-thinking-things reality. That has changed in time as I realize life is more fluid and even the most for-sure thing in your life can change at any moment. You can relate that thought to many things. And it’s so nice to be able to erase the wrong information and substitute it for the correct, rather than either having a strike-out or using white-out, which sucks and never dries right and you can’t really write over it so it stands as a reminder of the fact that you made a fucking mistake and you need to get it right next time, mofo. So, now I find myself writing in pencil, actually “pencilling in” things in my calendar, etc. The only thing I absolutely do in pen is crossword puzzles, and that’s because I am fucking badass at crossword puzzles unless they come from the NY Times. Maybe I’d be smarter if I lived in NY. I’d probably be a bigger asshole, too, though, so I’m not going any time soon.

That sentence had a lot of commas in it.

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