say it with flowers

A national florists’ organization sent the theatre a letter bitching about an Alley advertisement that suggested someone should buy theatre tickets instead of flowers this Valentine’s day. The organization is located in West Virginia or some other random locale. This means that a local flower merchant took the time to alert this national organization about the ad, and a person at the national organization took the time to find the appropriate PR contact at the Alley and craft a letter of complaint.

Is the flower industry really going to suffer because of the suggestion to buy theatre tickets for one “holiday” to one theatre in one city? Are flowers having that hard a time of it? And why is there a national florists’ organization? Everyone loves flowers. Even the jerkiest asshole likes flowers. They’re pretty, they usually smell good, they have nasty-sounding parts like stamens, they are the accent marks of nature, some of them are carnivorous. A little something for everyone. I’ll bet even saggy Dick Cheney likes the occasional flower. In fact, I’ll bet he sent a nice bouquet to the old man he shot in the face over the weekend.

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