My (literally) oldest friend posted a bulletin on myspace tonight about an upcoming MFAH event that will feature the art of Basquiat and music from Grand Masterflash. Master Flash. Whatever. Arts orgs all over the city have been watching these very popular MFA events with a mix of repulsion and admiration. Starsucks is the lead sponsor (they are throwing a lot of money around the arts non-profits these days, and we’re all happy to take it) (though some of us wash our hands after). But it’s just too much, sometimes, to see Basquiat and MFA and Starsucks and a bank and whoever all mixing together like this. It’s much easier to be the aloof cynic when the lines are very decidely drawn. The multi-national corporation over here, the gay black artist who fucked Warhol over here, etc. What’s next? A Maplethorpe exhibit brought to you by Home Depot? Everyone gets a hammer they can stick up their asses when they walk in the door?

I think it’s great that MFA is getting exposure (or exposing themselves) to all these audiences that have probably never set foot in the museum except for a field trip in junior high. I just hope those people are actually going back at a later date when they’re not all hopped up on goof balls. With a hammer up their asses.

Speaking of asses, tomorrow night I’m going to check out the potential space for my reading/fundraiser. I’m taking my director with me. The thing we’re both most interested in, beyond seeing the space and meeting the dude who runs it, is witnessing the “life drawing” class that’s there on Wednesdays. I know the model will not be the most impressive of physical specimens because that’s just the way it goes. But it should be interesting. I hope it’s at least a little uncomfortable. For us, not for the naked person. That person most obviously abandoned discomfort a long time ago. And more power to him/her. Unless it’s the soapy chick from my gym.

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