Can someone please explain this to me: twice yesterday – first in mid-town on Holman, then a block from the Alley on Prairie – I saw what I assume was the same white crew cab pick up truck with “Makes Frequent Stops” or something like that on the tailgate, nothing written on it anywhere else, and a uniformed HPD officer behind the wheel. That’s not the disturbing part. This is. On either side of the truck, behind the cab, were these things. Let me be more specific. The “things” looked like either video cameras, radar guns, or death rays. I’m not sure which. Whatever they were, they were pointed out from the truck at 45 degree angles from the front of the vehicle. I saw the truckmonster first driving around HCC, very slowly. Then 90 minutes later it was parked a block from the Alley, and the uniformed HPD officer was standing outside the truck with the driver side door open. Just staring.

Is this contraption being used to see who’s talking to Bin Laden? Checking for overdue library books? Girls gone wild? Spraying for tree roaches? A new-fangled divining rod? Detecting tourists?

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