Stopped off at Onion Creek on the way to work this morning to treat myself to coffee and a bagel. Just a little something to show me how much I love me. While waiting for the coffee chick to burn my bagel (thanks!), I was treated to one of those crazy/lonely people conversations at the counter. Luckily, the crazy/lonely person had already snagged someone, so I was safe. He was frantic in his desire to talk to the chick behind the counter, even coming up out of his seat to lean in closer to her. It was scary in its intensity.

The crazy/lonely person likes counters. Counters at coffee shops, counters at restaurants, counters at bars. Any place where they can monopolize the attention of the person who is working on the other side of the counter. They don’t take subtle or not-so-subtle hints to pipe down, and they will keep talking to you, even as you’re retreating (emotionally and physically) or you’re on the phone or you’re talking to someone else or you’re just trying to do your job.

I have nothing against lonely people. I’m lonely sometimes. Most people are. The crazy/lonely person is of a different ilk. C/L can’t just deal with the fact that, hey, I’m lonely. It’s okay. I’ll call someone or I’ll write some sad shit in my journal or I’ll go out and try to meet new people. C/L doesn’t want to meet new people. C/L wants to feel a special connection with someone RIGHT NOW. C/L doesn’t have time for the normal ebb and flow, give and take, getting-to-know-you of a regular friendship/relationship. C/L can’t wait for things to evolve naturally. C/L needs it NOW. So C/L takes advantage of people whose job it is to be nice to strangers (and the strange).

It’s emotionally greedy.

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