I wish I had a cool striped scarf to wear with my jacket

It’s funny how ill-equipped Houston is, fashion-wise, to deal with cold weather. I’m watching the local morning news right now. One “on the spot” reporter is wearing a butt ugly hat/scarf combo, and her scarf is covering her mouth. I know it’s just above freezing, and that’s pretty fucking cold, but she could probably uncover her mouth for the 45 seconds the camera is on. (her over-the-top Spanish accent used only when pronouncing her last name is working amazingly well, despite the chill)

Maybe the opposite happens to people from cold climates who get blasted with some Houston-style summertime heat. You see their reporters doing the man on the street thing, and they’re wearing tube tops and short shorts and one of those hats with the built in fan on it as drops of sweat bead on their upper lips.

Oh oh oh – I hate this. Now, a reporter (who’s inside, thankfully), is doing a casual interview with a guest. He’s asking her a question that is a bit long-winded, and she keeps anticipating that she’ll be able to answer, so her mouth begins to form a word but she doesn’t actually say anything because the reporter is still talking. Instead of waiting for the dude to finish, she just keeps making these word shapes with her mouth. That drives me nuts. Wait for your fucking opportunity and grab it, honey. Until then, maintain your dignity and keep your lips together, teeth apart.

I just remembered – I had a dream last night that I was going to give someone the PERFECT Chia™ Head for Christmas. I think “perfect Chia head” is an oxymoron, maybe? I don’t remember what the style of the head was, but it was funny to me in my dream.

I’m all over the place this morning. Too much wine last night, too much cold this morning, TGIF, I have a party to go to tonight and Lights in the Heights tomorrow night and almost done with Christmas shopping and I’ve gotten hooked on the rowing machine at the Y (except that horrid Billy Squier song Stroke keeps running through my head while I’m on it) (it makes me feel like I have crabs, it’s so skankalicious) (the song, not the rowing machine), and it finally feels like the holidays. Fabulous.

And I haven’t even had any coffee yet.

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