superstitious shmooperstitious

I just received one of those god-awful emails with the whole “if you don’t send this to ten people, here’s what will happen to you” motif. Kind of along the lines of the following (except much more cutesy and boring): Jane, an accountant, received this email last week. Being an educated woman with more work than free time on her hands, she deleted the email without sending it on to the ten people she’s willing to piss off with yet another dumbass forward. She choked to death on a chicken bone that night, which was odd because she had fish for dinner. This might happen to you.

I’m more superstitious than the average person – I walk around ladders, I throw salt over my shoulder, I knock on wood. But I DO NOT forward stupid fucking emails with a cutesy religious poem in it and then horrible death threats at the end. If my life has devolved to the point that my continued existence depends upon whether or not I forward an email written by a lonely turd of a person, I give up. Fuck knocking on wood – knock me in the head with a piece of wood

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