I’m watching a black female comic on Comedy Central right now. She’s fucking funny, and it’s always refreshing to see a female comic who’s globally funny rather than chick funny. When you’re a woman in a “man’s” profession, you really have to fight sometimes to not get put in the box, so to speak, and get pressured to be a female who talks about her period instead of just a funny comic who talks about all kinds of shit.

Some of my “feminist” friends took offense at the first play I wrote because it gave women such a hard time. I think that is complete bullshit. Just because I am female and a playwright, that doesn’t mean I’m responsible for pursuing any agenda other than my own. And I definitely have my own agenda, but I’m speaking for myself, not a movement. And I think the ultimate way to power is being able to laugh at the stupid shit we do. It makes us stronger. Being self-righteous and self-important doesn’t do shit. I don’t want to write women’s plays – the on-stage version of a chick flick. I want to write shit that is thoughtful and funny and has strong female characters, even if we don’t always like who they are. Because I am a playwright. Not a female playwright. Not a playwright with tits and a vagina. Just a playwright.

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