riding the rail(s)

The trip on the Rail today was fun. I felt like I was in another city, which is always a great diversion.

A few things.

One – why in the hell would anyone grow their toenails to the length of a coke-snorter’s pinky nail? I saw a woman with big toe toenails that looked like frosted hot pink Fritos. Guess she doesn’t do much jogging.

Two – what is up with all the people milling about on Main Street? There were people everywhere – not going places, just milling. And they weren’t asking us for money – maybe we looked too mean. I saw one guy pissing on a building across a side street from the Continental. Nice.

Three – what was going through the head of the toothless kook who got on the Rail briefly, stood there and grinned happily (crazily?) for a minute and a half, then quickly exited before we started moving? I thought maybe he got on to fart and run, but the lingering smell of the unwashed was not changed with his entrance or exit. I think. I was trying to just absorb oxygen through my skin rather than breathe, so I can’t be sure.

Four – New Orleans Poboy has done something different with their meat. The sandwich was still great, but it wasn’t fucking great like usual. Hope things aren’t changing over there. One constant was the woman behind the counter who’s ALWAYS in a mood. She’s fond of talking about her “last nerve” and how people always be stepping on it.

Five – Guess I better take a trip to the downtown Foley’s before it disappears forever. I used to catch the bus there when I was a sophomore at UH and didn’t have a car. This was back when I gave money to every person who asked – of course, there were much fewer people on the streets in the late 80s. Neither of those things is true now.

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