My tennies are pooped out, so I stopped into Academy this morning to buy new ones. Didn’t count on the throngs of newbie Astros fans who would be out in search of team shirts. Guess everyone likes a winner – otherwise, these people would have already owned Astros shirts and wouldn’t be frantically buying them before the game today. I thought about buying one myself but realized I wouldn’t be able to make fun of these people if I did.

So I’m trying on various New Balance models, and I can’t figure out the differences between each pair (other than color). I’m deciding between a somewhat macho gray/yellow or a girly white/blue combo when a white guy and a very tiny Japanese chick go walking by. He grabs a little white/pink tenny and says to the woman (who looks like and is the size of a 12 year old) “Baby, you should get some of these – you would look so adorable – we’d have to find you a little tiny pair, though.” She giggled and continued sucking on a lolly.

Guess this guy is suppressing his pedo impulses by dating a child-woman. Of course, as is always the case with my life, I saw them again later. After Academy, I went to the gym for almost two hours. After that, I went to Ziggy’s for some lunch. In they came. She wasn’t wearing the white/pink shoes, so maybe she opted not to let her daddy buy them for her.

By the way – inspired by this gross couple, I decided on the gray/yellow combo.

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