I save my light reading for soaking in the tub (which I do almost daily since I’m exercising so much that I’m constantly sore). The heavier stuff I read when I’m not submerged in scalding water. Last night’s brain candy of choice was Rolling Stone’s HOT issue. I’m totally out of the loop on what’s hot – my current crush is Jon Stewart, and I don’t think that short, Jewish men in their 40s are at the top of the it list.

The incongruity of the following made me put the magazine down. The same issue that featured numerous serious stories, complete with black and white pictures, natch, about people in New Orleans during/after Katrina also included such gems as a candid upskirt shot of Tara Reid with her surprisingly saggy naked ass hanging out while she’s tripping down the street.

Why is anyone surprised at the shit Cletus in the White House is getting away with? This is what many Americans find more compelling – watching a person self-destruct on drugs and men and having a saggy ass, all because her acting career didn’t take off and this is the only way she can get some attention. It’s gross. A country of voyeurs. That ain’t hot, honeys. It’s fucking sad.

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