the unabomber/the astros

We do little warm up exercises before our weekly department meeting (F.U.N. fun), and the most recent warm up was who is your evil alter-ego? My answer was easy – Ted Kaczynski (the Unabomber), only without the bomb part, the conservative part and the crazy part. The attraction I have to his situation is the sitting in a shack out in the woods writing a manifesto aspect. Sometimes I just want to run away from society and be alone to wallow in my own bullshit (and post it in my blog, natch). At least I find myself entertaining. Never a dull moment, never bored. Can’t say the other people in my life find me so interesting. Oh well.

[PS – Regarding Sunday: I’ve never watched six hours of baseball (or any other sport) in my life. Good thing I wasn’t drinking. I was hoping my boy Morgan would hit the winning home run, but that’s okay. I called Lisa in New York (the biggest Astros fan ever – I’m not kidding – check out her blog: and she was crying with joy. Now that’s a psycho, I mean fan.]

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