I’m happy

Since I spend so much time in this writing experiment bitching about shit, I thought I’d write a happy entry. I’m happy tonight, and I’ll tell you why.

I’m happy because my badass mother and grandfather spent a few hours today fixing Granddad’s toilet. My grandfather lives in Bellaire in a house that should be considered an historical landmark because it has outlived the horrible epidemic of McMansions so prevalent in that neighborhood. His toilet was jacked and they fixed it. Didn’t call the plumber, or my dad, but fixed it themselves. They are both totally cool.

I’m happy because I have a mother like that, who taught me to be self-sufficient and is a big reason I have become the woman I am. Not to lay blame at her feet – just to say the good stuff comes from her. The bad stuff we blame on Dad.

I’m happy because I put the top down tonight and felt the first teasing hint of fall, a little late this year, but still welcomed with open arms. And the XM was kicking ass. I love Houston on nights like this. Makes me think I could live here forever. That changes in July, but I like it for now.

I’m happy because I spent the evening hanging out with Robert, one of my favorite people of all time. He inspires me to write, and he makes me laugh. Plus, we drank good scotch.

Finally, I’m happy that when I got home tonight, I had a feisty rat dog shaking her ass, her tail was wagging so hard it almost knocked her over, because she was happy I was home. Ahhhh, contentment. For now, everything is alright. And I’m happy.

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