bird brained

Evidently I’m incapable of having a normal lunch these days. After yesterday’s rat sighting, today I had a lovely time with a flying rat, a.k.a. pigeon. We’re sitting on the patio of a restaurant on Main, which is a fabulous place to have lunch, by the way – I felt like I was in a vibrant, bustling city rather than a sprawling metropolis. The weather was perfect, conversation was good, etc. Then, I dropped my fork when something slammed into my ass. It was a pigeon. Um, gross. What’s the old saying…a bird in the ass is worth two in the bush?

I’m a superstitious gal, so I thought I’d do a bit of research to see if there is a particular message associated with bird in ass. One option is that the bird was acting a bit weird today because of the change in the weather. Another option is the bird, if you buy the idea that birds are carriers of souls to heaven, was on its way skyward and some poor soul’s journey to the great beyond was cut short by my ass.

Six of one.

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