Superman is super duper

I’m filling out a grant application for some gubment cheese to help me produce Plan B. To keep things interesting during this, um, fun process, I’ve been watching Superman II. Not as good as Superman, but it’ll do. Christopher Reeve was my first crush. I saw Superman during a summer visit to Houston shortly after we moved out to the country. Dad’s father, Papa, took me and my (Houston) best friend Renee, probably to the Meyerland Theater, to see the film. I fell in love. He was hot. Damn.

Ahhh, nice. He, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor and three bad guys from outer space are fighting in the ice castle. Superman just lifted his arm and had a big sweat stain. I don’t understand – I thought it was cold in there. What the?

It just ended with Superman standing on the White House with an American flag flying behind him. Take that, Toby Keith. THAT’s some fucking patriotism, bitch.

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