on a lighter note

I love my dog Stella. She has huge ears that stand up. Sometimes, when she’s being feisty, one of her ears gets folded back. That’s when she’s getting ghetto. It’s like those hoods who wear their track pants with one leg pulled up to the knee.

Why is gum so tasty to baseball players? They chew that shit like they’re powering small towns with the friction. Maybe it has steroids in it.

Last night I found a cool theatre in Seattle called Live Girls! Theater that produces works by female playwrights. They don’t seem to take themselves too seriously, which is a rarity. I’m hoping to hook up with them at some point, as I really like the nerdy-yet-talented school of thought rather than the better than everyone else or the too hip for you schools that are so prevalent.

Alice’s Tall Texan won “Best Dive” in the Press this week. That’s good and bad. Good because that place kicks ass and deserves it (especially the western-themed wallpaper). Bad because now people trying to be kitschy are going to go there. That’s okay. Alice is so mean, she’ll run that crap off pretty fast. She even scares me, and I don’t scare so easy.

There, I think I got the taste of Toby Keith out of my brain. I feel much better. Nighty night. I’m getting back to my glass of wine.

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