he’s a Ford truck man, evidently

Toby Keith sucks balls. Toby Keith looks like a lot of what’s wrong with this country. Toby Keith makes me certain I will never buy a Ford because their lack of judgment in hiring such a turd to be their spokesperson makes me worry about the decision-making process going on in that company. Toby Keith looks like the kind of guy who would go out with his buddies to beat up gay guys walking down the street from Heaven (excuse me, South Beach) and then cruise back over there later, alone, looking for a blow job. Toby Keith, I’m sure, defends W, saying he’s doing a great job and how unAmerican you are if you don’t think so, but I’ll bet that frosty haired braceleted sleeveless plaid shirted jackass has never voted in any election other than the Bud Bowl.

Sorry to be so vitriolic this late in the day. I’m just tired of trying to watch the Astros play and being bombarded by Toby Keith commercials at every break. Did I mention he sucks balls?

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