let them brush your rock and roll hair

I never go out on Sunday night, but four days of being cooped up made me a little stir crazy. I don’t know if a lot of people are off today or if Sunday is a big happening night to go out or what, but Onion Creek was jumping. Guess in my old age I’ve forgotten about all the moving and shaking going on in the big city. Just because I’m lame doesn’t mean everyone else is. Anyway, I was having a nice, quiet glass of wine with my friend Alicia when I heard an obnoxious guy making his way through the bar. Figuring I knew him (obnoxious guys in my life are a dime a dozen), I looked to see who it was. Sure enough, I did know him. He’s an actor who was in my first play. He was with a guy who had a hard time believing I was the playwright for that piece, which I’m assuming is because I’m so good looking. Or maybe because I was dribbling red wine on my white shirt while we were talking. Six of one. Anyway, it’s always great motivation to hear someone tell you how great your work is. Too much of that makes you a jackass, but a little of it reminds you of your purpose. So there is more to life than watching a woman on a bike with a terrier in a basket and flying monkeys following her go by my 18th floor office window. I KNEW it.

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