wrap up

I started getting sleepy around 2 or 2:30, so I tried to cash in at that point. The wind got incredibly strong, and being surrounded by such huge old trees was a bit scary, so no sleep. I said I wanted some drama – I got some. Was up looking out the window like an old lady every few minutes until 5ish, then the accumulated wine finally did its job and let me sleep. A quick survey of this street today shows some big branches came down (including one in my backyard), but seemingly no house damage anywhere. I’m still not sure if I heard a tornado last night. Perhaps it’s better not knowing as I have a not fun semi-recurring tornado dream when I am stressed out, and I think if I actually experienced one, I’d wet myself.

Now the influx of people begins. Can’t imagine how that’s going to go. As they were just saying on the news, the evacuation was over three days and the influx will be over maybe two. I’m glad that, other than leaving town to see my parents or going to Bellaire to see Granddad, I live my life without having to get on freeways. I live about three miles from downtown, and I hang out in the Heights, Montrose, downtown or midtown (Continental Club only).

My parents are in Washington state right now and Mom said the paper called the traffic situation in Houston “Texodus.” I thought that was funny. Only because I wasn’t in it. I’m going to go outside and enjoy the lovely breeze and fall-like temperature. Fall is my favorite “season” in Houston.

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