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1:13 AM
I’m rotating among hanging out on the porch, farting around on the internet and watching Mad TV reruns on Comedy Central. I don’t usually watch tv late at night, and I’m blown away by the amount of chat line commercials and graphic girls gone wild ads. Makes me feel like I have a venereal disease just watching that crap.

The wind has really picked up. The woman on the bike with the dog and flying monkeys went by again. I yelled up to her “where are you going?” and she looked down at me, squinting through the rain, but didn’t say anything. Rude. I think she was talking on a cell phone.

I also think maybe a tornado flew by a few blocks over. I heard something that sounded like a train. Or maybe it was just the monster again.

12:25 AM
The wind is blowing strong enough that it’s actually cold outside. The temp, according to the thermometer on the porch, says it’s about 75, but with the wind, it’s downright chilly. It’s been interesting hanging on the porch, which faces north, and experiencing the phenom of the wind shifting from the east to the north. Also, since the city is sooo quiet, there are all sorts of strange, unidentifiable noises. Pops, grunts, etc. Don’t know what the hell they are. Kind of sounds like a monster is slowly creeping this way. Being bombarded by the colorful radar on the telly, I know that monster is not named Rita. Perhaps it is something else. Something that normally sleeps when the city is bustling but now that no one is really around, it feels free to roam the streets.

This is why I don’t post when I’ve been drinking. At least my typing/grammar stays pretty spot on. Some things are just inherent.

PS – to the jackass I saw driving up Studemont on a motorcycle going about forty with no helmet on – you are a jackass.

11:54 PM
I just saw a woman fly by my house on a bicycle with a terrier in a basket and a few flying monkeys following her. Does that mean a tornado is coming?

Some friends stopped by unannounced today and I wasn’t wearing a bra when I answered the door. Does that mean I’m white trash?

Wine goes down incredibly easy, even though I haven’t really been drinking much lately. Does that mean I have a drinking problem?

Didn’t try putting my car on the front porch to avoid the flooding that isn’t coming. Does that mean I still have a little bit of sense left, or does it mean I’m just full of shit?

My power just kinda pulsed semi-off. Does that mean this is the last insipid entry of the night?

I’m slightly disappointed this storm hasn’t been more scary. Do I suck?

9:12 PM
Well, the wind is blowing a bit over here, and there is some sporadic rain, but other than that, no biggie. I’m glad Houston is (seemingly) being spared, but I’m not counting my chickens quite yet. Obviously the weatherpeople are doing the best they can, but they don’t seem to know what’s up. Or, they’re just trying to keep us watching by saying “it may stall” and “it may turn.” Once the power goes out, it’ll be like frontier days where you just have to figure it out yourself. And with a storm like this, it’s pretty self-explanatory.

The power blinked off for a few seconds but then came back. I’m completely expecting it to go out for good at some point tonight, but at least the temp is dropping. I really can’t stand being hot while I’m sleeping. I know, princess and the pea. It may not matter as I’m almost through a bottle of wine. Not heat nor high wind nor hurricane may keep me awake, though evidently the threat of same keep the mailman away.

It’s totally cool that Brenham has ended up being shelter for people who got stranded on their way to Austin or points west. Okay, rambling. This may be it for the night if we lose power, but if not, I’ll post a more drunken (and therefore more interesting) ramble later. Peace.

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