storm watch 2005

What a nightmare for the people who spent 10 hours in the car yesterday only to travel 30 miles and then run out of gas. Spending the night on the side of the freeway has to be a sucky experience. The freeways are totally open now, so I guess if there had been a better schedule of evacuation, the problems of yesterday and the day before might not have been so bad. But what do I know. The thing that sucks about this situation is people were listening to the gubment and heading for higher ground, only to be unable to actually leave. Next time a seriously shitty storm hits us, no one is going to leave town.Unless we get the amount of rain some newsies are predicting [T.S. Allison-like rain] [as opposed to T.S. Elliot-like rain, which comes in on cat’s paws], things in Houston should be okay.

A bus of old people from Bellaire exploded on its way to Dallas and over 20 elderly evacuees died. I’m so glad we didn’t ship Granddad out on a bus and instead gave him an escort out of town. How horribly sad. Especially if the storm ends up being not such a big deal.

Bill White has been kicking some ass throughout this situation. He tried answering a reporter’s question in shitty Spanish yesterday (I say it was shitty because I could understand it), but at least he’s trying. I keep picturing the smirking chimp being asked a question in Spanish, but then I remember that his people only allow pro-Repub reporters to ask pre-approved questions. When POTUS goes off script, he says some crazy shit. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me (pause) you can’t get fooled again. Priceless. Anyway, it’s refreshing to see a civic leader who actually seems to care about the city he’s working for.

There’s some fat bastard who got arrested in Galveston last night trying to “surf.” Come on, dude. Surfers are tanned, flat-stomached hotties. You, sir, are a turd and probably drunk. Hang ten? More like hangover.

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