at least there’s no traffic

Just took a drive around the city. Ironic to be joyriding when others are stranded on the side of the road desperate for gas. I put the top down so I could take some pictures of the deserted inner city. I’ve never seen it like this. Eerie.

Only found three establishments open, and I drove all around downtown, Montrose and Shepherd. The gas station at Westheimer/Montrose had a line for gas that wrapped around past Niko Nikos. Petco on Shepherd was boarded up but open. The caged birds in there were going nuts. Spec’s is open until 1pm. I was relieved these two places were open because I needed dog food and coffee and was able to get both. Didn’t have to sit in the gas line because I filled up on Tuesday. The car is in the garage now, and there it will stay until the wind is gone.

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