there’s a storm coming (22 years)

Alright, I wasn’t really sweating the hurricane. After so many “Thunderstorm 2005” cry wolf news reports, I figured this was more of the same. Then, when I got to work yesterday, everyone was asking me about evacuation plans and buying water and canned goods (which I call canned bads) (no I don’t – I just don’t think I’ve ever written “canned goods,” and goods is kind of a weird word). My parents are going to Seattle in the morning and are hot for me to head to their house. Man, hanging out on the upstairs balcony drunk on the hammock for a couple of days sounds pretty good. Then again, there’s that homesteading “not gonna leave” attitude that makes me just want to sit here through the storm. There are two over 100 year old trees looming over the house, so that could pose a problem. Lots of decisions to make.

Went on the hunt for bottled water last night. That shit is like gold, and there was none. Now the newsheads are saying we could potentially be without electricity for a couple of weeks. At least I have my own transportation for evacuation and don’t have to worry about leaving Stella behind. I can’t imagine what it must have been like for people in Katrina who had to leave their animals when they were being “rescued.” I would have smuggled Stella in my shirt (or more uncomfortable places) if I’d lived there.

And what’s up with a hurricane hitting Houston every 22 years? Carla – 61, Alicia – 83, Rita – 05?

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