calm before the storm

We’re going to walk a few blocks to lunch today. Interesting to experience the calm before the storm. We’re still waiting for the word on high to find out if we are working tomorrow and Friday. Pretty sure Friday is out, but tomorrow is still questionable. Not sure if I’m leaving town or not. My mother is very persuasive. Whether I stay or go, I do know a few things I’m going to do.

– Fill the washer, bathtub and sinks with water.
– Put my photographs and all hard copies of my writing in a plastic bag in the trunk of my car.
– Move all projectiles from outside, inside.
– Put the front porch swing in the garage.
– Fill the car with gas.
– Unplug the computer and put it in a trash bag.
– Hang around outside and see if it’s true that the birds have all split town.

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