dems need balls – please give now

Thank god for the Daily Show. Jon Stewart is giving voice to so much of the frustration I feel, he makes it better. Not all better, but better.

What I don’t understand is why the Dems don’t grow some balls. Republicans hop on the first opportunity to throw shit like monkeys – see: anything to do with Bill Clinton. Can you IMAGINE the shit they’d be throwing if a Democrat were in the White House right now, with high gas prices, Iraquagmire™, the Katrina disaster…oh, scratch that last one. But really. If this current climate had gone down during Clinton’s term, they wouldn’t have had to worry about blowjobs and real estate deals. Current times make all that shit look like junior high. This is the big leagues now, baby.

Say what you will about Michael Moore’s, at times, questionable way of presenting facts – he generally gets it right, and he (and Al Franken) is one of the few liberals with a nut sack. How can Ann Coulter be on television talking about the liberal agenda including the legalization of sodomy (I know I keep harping on this, but it’s just so fucking RIDICULOUS) and not get spanked, sans pants, on national television? I realize no one wants to touch her crab-ridden ass but put on a glove or something.

This country needs to wake the fuck up.

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