curiosity killed the cat/satisfaction brought it back

What do first basemen talk to runners about? It’s not like you can really chat while you’re in the middle of a game. [side note: the Astros just lost to the Brewers – the only thing the Brewers are good for is that sausage race – that’s some funny shit – especially when one of the running sausages gets nailed by a batter from the opposing team] [and by “nailed,” I’m referring to being hit by a baseball bat]

What does it mean when you’re dining al fresco and a cricket lands, quite firmly, on your face? I was sitting on a restaurant patio last night and a cricket landed on my upper lip. And just sat there. I didn’t know what kind of creature it was since I can’t see my own face, so I assumed it was a cockroach. I FREAKED.

How did Mike Brown head up FEMA for two years and people are just NOW finding out he was fired from his previous job and has NO managerial experience? This from the same government that knows what books we’re checking out from the library?

How removed from reality is Barbara Bush? Come on, she’s been in politics for decades. Where was her head? She can’t use the same excuse as her son. She’s not legally retarded. I mean, mentally challenged. I mean, President.

How removed from reality is the girl I work with who said, after finding out people were going to be shipped here from New Orleans, “oh my god, there’s going to be looting here too!!!”? And how amazing is it that I held my cool when she said it (though I know I turned red)?

How non-Christian are the “Christians” who blame the hurricane and its destruction on abortions and debauchery? All the while, going back to their dens to look at child pornography. Fucking hypocrites.

How sad is it that this is how I spend my Friday nights?

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